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Basic Interview Questions for Freshers

Basic Interview Questions for Freshers Generally freshers will face interview only after successful completion of aptitude test / written test, however sometimes freshers may call for direct interview without any written examination, in that case candidate will be asked many questions including some technical related to company working environment or your education background.

So it will be a good idea for job seekers to prepare yourself ready to answer even academic subjects. Also be prepared to know about the company, which you are going to attend an interview for a job or position.

Note that interview questions are always varies depends on your answers. So there is no guarantee on what are the exact interview questions for freshers are ? So here we are giving you the list of most probable questions asked by employers or recruiters.

Interview Questions for Freshers

Tell me about yourself
What are your strengths / Weakness ?
Are you a team player or team leader
What kind of leadership qualities do you have
What are your future goals ?
Are you want to go for further studies ?
How did you came to know about this job offer ?
What do you know about our company
Where do you stand after five years
more are coming….
Some tricky questions for Freshers
These questions must be answered wisely, which means presence of mind is very important while giving answers to any tricky questions.

What is your first priority?
Are you work minded or money minded ?
more are coming….

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