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HR Interview Questions for Freshers of Top Comp India

HR Interview Questions for Freshers of Top Companies in India:- Common HR interview questions asked by HR during HR interview round for freshers and experienced professionals for filtering the job seekers.

You might be wonder on reading this fact as many people knocked out during this round due to lack of awareness on presenting themselves for HR interview.

Even you have a very good communication skills, It is very important to address the right points at right time without any confusion only makes you success at HR interview.

Have a look at the job recruitment process steps & stages involved in IT companies.

Lets have a look at the most common HR interview questions and answers for freshers and experienced candidates here.

Note: The flow of questions asked by HR is always depends on your answers, so be cautious and answer in a manner what you know. Never give a chance to HR to raise questions from your answers.

HR Interview Questions for Freshers

Tell me about yourself
What are your hobbies ?
What are your future goals ?
Are you willing to relocate ?
Where do you stand in a position after 5 years ?
What do you know about our company ?
Why do you want to join in this company ?
What are your strengths ?
Do you work under pressure ?
Explain how you are an asset to this company ?