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Placement Pattern for Freshers in Leading IT Comp India

Placement Pattern for Freshers in Leading IT Companies India:- While recruiting freshers by any Information Technology (IT) companies in India are never expect in depth knowledge on required technologies they are going to work, in fact they look into candidate skills in terms of aptitude, quantitative, analytical & verbal reasoning and awareness of fundamentals of programming knowledge.

So no need to worry on while attending any placement opportunity in any company. Usually most of the IT companies follow the below given placement pattern:

Resume Shortlist
Aptitude Test
Technical Test
Group Discussion
Technical Interview
HR Interview
Resume Shortlist: The most important and first thing to succeed to stay out of the crowd is to prepare a neat and professional resume with clearly mentioned the roles played in completed jobs or working projects. Never give up even single thing while preparing the resume to shortlist in any interview.

Aptitude Test: This is a test to testing your skills on problem solving in various aspects, so IT companies wants to know whether you have a skills to solve problems logically.

Technical Test: Testing the fundamentals of programming skills required to perform programming tasks at working location during project work.

Group Discussion: Many companies may not conduct group discussion, but this round will shows that how good you are in communicating, which means testing communication skills. Usually this round will be conducted in campus selections for freshers recruitment.

Technical Interview: Usually candidates believe that they are going to ask something else, but generally this round is to know about the skills and projects you mentioned in your resume. If you done well, then they may ask little more about what you mentioned in your curriculum vitae.

HR Interview: This is a formal interview to finalize the salary and pay package followed by verification of educational qualifications and other certificates you mentioned in your resume. Also they want to know whether you stay with company for long period or not.